A ferry is named after world-renowned Australian doctor and humanitarian Catherine Hamlin in Sydney, Australia. More than 60, 000 votes were cast by the public on the final list of ferry names, and Sydneysiders have cast their votes in favour of naming the city’s first new ferry after Dr. Catherine Hamlin.

“This is the news we rejoice,” said Dr. Tesfaye Yacob, HFE CEO, adding that Dr. Catherine Hamlin is a remarkable woman and certainly deserves to be celebrated.

Dr. Catherine thanked Sydneysiders for their votes and hoped the ferry’s naming would draw greater attention to the work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. “I am so grateful. It really is lovely to know that so many people have tremendous love for our work and for our patients,” she said.

The Catherine Hamlin, along with other five new vessels, will be launched in Sydney Harbor in January.