Hamlin Fistula International Dr Hamlin, patients at Desta Mender waiting for their chance to be operated.
Founded by Drs. Reginald and Catherine Hamlin, both obstetrician/gynaecologists, in 1974 the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital provides care for women obstetric fistulas ‐ the most devastating of all childbirth injuries. The Hospital has a success/cure rate of over 90%. We aim to be the world leader in Training and Research for the treatment, care & prevention of obstetric fistula.
Finding patients in rural locations Dr Hamlin on the ward and Sr Mamite our ex-patient surgeon.

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A fistula develops when the blood
supply to the tissues of the vagina and bladder (and/or rectum) is cut off during prolonged, obstructed labour leaving a hole through which urine and/or faeces pass uncontrollably.
Our Hospital is a world centre for fistula treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention. It provides surgical training for health professionals, obstetrician and gynaecologists from all over the world. The hospital provides free fistula repair surgery to approximately 2,500 women every year and cares for 50 long‐term patients.
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