No More Water Shortage

Installation of Pioneer Water Reservoir at the Main Hospital

Water problems also affect hospitals, and mitigating the situation is crucially important.  Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia has recently installed additional water reservoir, with a carrying capacity of 110, 000 liters, in the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital to reduce the shortage and interruption of water in the facility.


“The  reservoir  is large enough to significantly boost the hospital’s water storage capacity, and to meet all the water needs in case of shortage and interruption of supply from the municipality lines,” said HFE’s Operations Manager, Ato Tilahun Molla, adding that the steel water reservoir is engineered up to 2.0 mm thick, and is considered the most reliable water storage currently available in the market.

“The reservoir is the right mitigation for the water shortage in the main hospital, and it is also a huge success as the volume of activities in the main hospital require additional water supply,” said, HFE’s A/CEO, Ato Tesfaye Mamo, while congratulating all the staff and patients for the achievement.

The Pioneer water reservoir, which is a reliable source of clean water should municipal pipes run dry, is designed considering into account all environmental conditions such as wind, seismic, static and sloshing loads.

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